Section l. A member of this Society may be transferred to another State Society upon the written application of such member of the State Society to which transfer is desired.

Section 2. (a) The applicant, if entitled thereto, shall be granted a letter of good standing forthwith and a copy of his, or her, lineage papers, from the Historian of this Society, and shall file the same with the Society to which transfer is requested. The transferring applicant's membership shall not be affected by such request for transfer, nor be terminated thereby until said applicant for transfer has been duly elected a member of the transferee State Society and the Georgia Society having been duly notified of the transfer by the General Society.

(b) No charge shall be made for the letter of good standing, but a fee to cover the cost shall be made for the copy of the member's lineage papers.

Section 3. (a) A former member who has resigned may be reinstated to membership in this Society on payment of dues for the current year.

(b) A member dropped for non-payment of dues, and who desires reinstatement, may be reinstated by the State Society upon payment of a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) reinstatement fee, plus the dues for the previous year and the dues for the year of reinstatement.

Section 4. (a) This Society may accept transfers of members from other State Societies upon receipt of a copy of their lineage papers and letter of good standing indicating that all dues have been paid. A written request to the Georgia Society for admission by the transferring member is required.

(b) The Board may permit the transfer of an out-of-state member into this Society without payment of dues for the current year.



Section l. (a) The fiscal year of the Georgia Society shall be January 1 through December 31.

(b) An annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year shall be prepared by the Finance Committee and approved by the Board of Assistants at the first Board Meeting in the calendar year.

Section 2 (a) The entrance fee of this Society shall be set by the Board of Assistants. Changes in the annual dues of the Georgia Society shall be recommended by the Board of Assistants and approved by the membership. These annual dues shall be in addition to the dues of the General Society, payable on or before the first of September each year.

(b) Each member whose lineage papers are approved by the Historian General will be considered as a member in good standing for the current year. All members shall pay dues before December 31 for the following year.

Section 3. The fee for each Life Member shall be as provided in Article Ill, Section 2.

Section 4. Members who are in arrears in payment of dues as of December 31 of the year and having had a second notification shall be dropped from the rolls of the Society.

Section 5. Special assessment shall not be levied except in cases of pressing necessity, and then only by a two-thirds vote of those members of the Georgia Society present and voting.

Section 6. (a) All Georgia Society funds shall be deposited shall be deposited as approved by the Board pf Assistants All such institutions shall be approved by the Board of Assistants and shall be reasonably convenient to the Society for transacting business in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Only the interest from the Reserve Account Funds may be used in defraying the expenses of the Society. Short term accounts may be established for specified expenditures, viz., the printing of the Directory of Members, the Governor General's visit, memorial gifts for Georgia Society Governors, past Governor's pin, etc.

(b) A fund of $1500.00 shall be appropriated yearly, not to be cumulative, to help defray expenses of the Deputy Governor General and the Assistant General, or their representatives, to the Triennial General Congress at Plymouth, Massachusetts, and the Board of Assistants meeting of the General Society. No individual is to receive more than one-half of the appropriated amount. All delegates to the General Congress shall bear their own expenses.

Section 7. Any expenditure over the amount of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) incurred by an officer or member of the Georgia Society must be approved by the Finance Committee before removal of funds from the Treasury.

Section 8. Any expenditure over two hundred dollars ($200.00), not included in the annual budget, must have the approval of the Board of Assistants before the Treasurer will make payments.