Section 1. The Annual Meeting of this Society shall be held in conjunction with the annual Compact Day Meeting.

Section 2. The annual Compact Day Meeting shall be held on or near the twenty-first day of November, the anniversary of the signing of the Compact on board the Mayflower at Plymouth, New England.

Section 3. In addition to the annual Compact Day Meeting, a Spring Meeting shall be held each year, but shall not coincide with Easter weekend.

Section 4. Special meetings of the Society shall be called by the Governorwhen directed to do so by the Board of Assistants or when requested in writing by six (6) or more members.

Section 5. Notice of all general meetings shall be mailed to each member at least ten (10) days in advance.

Section 6. Eight (8) members of the Society shall constitute a quorum.

Article IX

Board of Assistants

Section l. (a) The management and control of the affairs of the Society, subject to such instructions and limitations as may from time to time be prescribed by the Society in meetings assembled, shall be vested in a Board of Assistants.

  •            (b) Said Board shall consist of the Officers, the two (2) Members-at-Large, the former active Governors (attending at least one Board meeting a year), the Deputy Governor General, the Assistant General, and all other General officers who are members of this Society ex-officio.

                  (c)Five (5) members of said Board shall constitute a quorum.

Section 2. (a) It shall be the duty of the Board of Assistants to nominate a Deputy Governor General and an Assistant General to the General Congress. The Deputy Governor General nominated preferably should be the immediate past Governor and the Assistant General nominated preferably should be the Governor. If the said General Officer/s cannot attend the General Meeting/s, an Acting Deputy Governor General and/or an Acting Assistant General shall be named to serve at said meeting/s.

                   (b) The Board shall fill all vacancies that may occur in the Board or offices of the Society as provided in Article VI Section 4.

Section 3. (a) Unless otherwise provided, all meetings of the Board Of Assistants will be called at the direction and discretion of the Governor.

                   (b) A written notice to the Governor signed by five (5) members in good standing of the Society shall require the Governor to call a special meeting of the Board of Assistants within 14 days of receipt of said written notice, and one or more of the five members shall be present at said special meeting.